Custom Luxury Pergolas

We create beautiful works of art in your space. Made from solid wood of your choosing, custom designed to meet your needs, and built using precision craftsmanship by people who are obsessed with quality, the way it should be.

About Charleston Pergolas

We are Charleston's go to source for custom luxury pergolas. We can make your backyard feel like an exotic escape from the everyday.

Our custom pergola designs will impress you, your family and any guest that you might have over during those little special occasions.

We are locally owned and operated in Charleston SC and cover the entire low country. We have over 30 years of experience in construction, landscape design and creating beautiful wood works of art.

We know not all people want the same pergolas that can be bought at big box stores and our custom design experts will work with you to create the perfect pergola for your space.

Charleston pergolas understands that everyone's unique and we strive to create the best custom luxury pergolas in South Carolina .

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Pergola Materials

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The first step in choosing a great pergola is to decide on the material. There are many great options to choose from, and each have their pros and cons. Charleston Pergolas exclusively uses wood to build our pergolas, because we believe luxury pergola structures best enhance a property when a natural material is used.

The four most common types of wood we use to build our pergolas are pressure treated wood, Red Cedar and Redwood and Tropical Hardwood. Each type of wood will affect the total budget of the project, the look of the final product and the resilience of the product over the years.

Whatever material you choose, your custom pergola is guaranteed to look beautiful and be a great addition to your space. We design pergolas that are both highly functional and beautiful.

These shade structures can feature intricate or simple design elements but will always produce a more comfortable environment that adds privacy to your backyard and creates a great space for relaxation. Pergolas can be used in almost any setting, including patios, pools, gardens or backyards.

Outdoor Pergolas

The best place to be in Charleston is outdoors, especially in the spring and summer. That's why Charleston's become so popular it doesn't get much better than being outside in your own yard under a pergola.

Outdoor pergolas are a great way to protect you from the heat from a Charleston summer but still allow the sun to come through for light. That's what makes an outdoor pergola such a unique option for covering your patio.

They give you the benefits of both access to the sky and relief from the heat. We only use the best materials and our builders are dedicated to creating the perfect pergola for your space. We will work directly with you to design a pergola that's going to enhance your property and make you love spending more time outdoors.

If you prefer to have a roof over your pergola, we can create a great design that includes protection from the sun, access to the outdoors and lets you enjoy the backyard on those rainy days.

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Pergola Designs

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Once you have chosen what kind of material you want for your pergola the next step is to choose what type of design you want for your pergola. This is a very important step because every person’s space is different. Pergola designs can vary tremendously, and it's important it fits within your landscape design.

Pergolas can be different shapes and forms; they can be as simple as a square or rectangle design or they could be rounded and on different levels. Once you have an idea of the design of pergola you want, we can help you bring it into reality. Will come to your home and show you the step by step process for creating your new pergola. We guarantee you're going to love your custom luxury pergola and enjoy it for many years.

Schedule a meeting with one of our design experts and they will come to your home and show you how we could convert your backyard into a more luxurious and relaxing space. We’ll show you dozens of design options and guide you toward making a decision that will be the best fit for your landscape and fit your personality and goals

Pergola Builders

We are Charleston's experts at designing and building pergolas. No matter what size or design you need to cool your space, patio or backyard, we have the building expertise to make sure it gets done right the first time. All of our pergola builds are led by Jason Thompson who has over 30 years of experience in construction and is a local wood furniture artist. He is only available for a limited number of projects per year and considers every pergola project he does another work of art.

Jason builds pergolas because of his passion for creating beautiful wood structures that people can get a great deal of enjoyment from. Charleston pergolas was born from his idea to blend his artistic ambitions with a service that would allow Charlestonians to connect with his ideas and enhance their life with his art.

If you are not just looking for a structure that has utility and gets the job done but enhances your space and your life through true workmanship and artistry then Charleston pergolas is the solution for you.


Personal Pergola Consultation

Getting started is easy. Just request a free consultation with one of our pergola design experts and we will come to your home and show you dozens of ideas for pergolas that that will fit your landscape, reach your goals and provide enjoyment for years to come. We will help you decide on the best material to use, what size your pergola needs to be, what the best place in your backyard or space for the pergola, and walk you through the entire pergola design build process.

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Lets make your backyard dream a reality. It's not just a pergola, it's a work of art.

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Lets make your backyard dream a reality. It's not just a pergola, it's a work of art.